Biography: John C. Garofalo

Early in life he developed a broad range of interests and over time narrowed these down to a photojournalist and sports car and street car racing mechanic.

As a 10 year old he grabbed his Brownie Hawkeye and photographed Alan B. Shepard shortly after his historic 15 minute flight through space.

In 1966, while watching the film "Grand Prix" with his dad, he figured motor sports was his direction.

Not being able to acquire the money needed for proper road racing, he began running around the back roads of Virginia Beach & winding mountain roads to the West. He was very lucky not to have injured any body or critter & to have wrecked only one VW bug along with a few fences & such. This is not to digress from photography.

At this point he had acquired a Pentax Spotmatic with a 50mm, f1.4 Takamar screw on lens. He carried it & all the film he could afford with him always, documenting all the broken fences, barns & girlfriends around him until he became known to everybody as The Late Bus. Thru the heart, mind & onto film became paramount.

He has worked as a community photojournalist for the "Manassas Weekly Gazette" / DCI Newspaper Group where he was awarded first place in sports photography.

During his freelance career he was published in the books including Graphis Inc., worked as a contract photographer for the Washington Post Newspaper and covered the Clinton White House for United Press International (UPI).

Recently he spent four years in Australia documenting life, landscapes and critters, now with digital camera bodies.

Currently he is working on personal projects including growing up in Virginia Beach and his family ties with the Maritimes.

In his spare time he fixes things

updated October 3, 2019